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December 20, 2017 Jigna Tanna 0 comments

What is fear?

Fear is our own inner self doubt for ourselves which seem to appear real to us. We all have fears deep down inside us. Fears are basically the lack of understanding & defining our own inner strengths.

Most hard hitting forms of fear are that of rejection, of being cheated on, of abandonment, of failures……Majority of us are ridden with the fear of FAILURE. These irrational fear of failure handicap us forever. It is a killer of all our future bright possibilities. We have to understand that failures are inevitable at some point or the other in life.

When in extreme mode of fear are mind menders in a ‘FLIGHT MODE OR A COMPLETE PLIGHT MODE’. I underwent similar emotions a couple of years back when I started my journey as a business visionary. I constantly dreaded failures & every time I just wanted to prove MYSELF to whom I am still unable to fathom. In this process unintentionally I was stressing more on my feelings of trepidation then on the process of execution. All the way it had to be only ‘ME’ who had to acknowledge my efforts put in. But like a dumb novice I was searching it from ‘outside’ rather than ‘within’.

I gradually realized my mistake &understood with hard hitting experiences that the only way beyond ‘is through it’.I gradually shifted my perspective about my own ‘set of fears’ & doing what I dreaded the most. I challenged myself to push myself more &imbibe courage to its hilt until my fears replaced my deep understanding of my own thought process.

So we all need to figure out our own selves & see if fears are crippling our anxieties &conjouring negative emotions in us. All we need to do is starve our minds of all the dreads & train our minds to perceive failures & make our inner strengths our allies to FRET OUR FEARS.

As the quote says in my book ‘Courage to Conquer’,




So if you want to share your journey on how you overcame your fears or you want to overcome your fears, kindly put your views in the comment box below.